BitCoin Investment

Invest in Bitcoin is a great way and an attractive area of investment. The main reason for invest in Bitcoin, Scarcity of Supply and with the rising price of the cryptocurrency over the last couple of years, bitcoin has begun rivalling safe-haven assets.

About Bitcoins

In Jan, 2009, an anonymous person called Satoshi Nakamoto invented something revolutionary, amazing and exploding known as BITCOIN. Bitcoin is a new kind of money. It’s got the benefits of both, physical and electronic money. It can be instantly transferred from anywhere in the world to anywhere else in the world. Like physical money you do not need a third party gatekeeper. Thanks to a brilliant backend technology employed. With Bitcoin you have the right to spend it without revealing your identity or personal data. Your privacy is secure. There is no need to obtain permissions of any sort for transactions. Even a villager could easily open a Bitcoin Account, called Bitcoin Wallet, in a few seconds using just a smart phone. He then acquires an International Credit/Debit Card and an International Account and can pay and receive from anyone around the world with just the palm of his hand. Bitcoin has the potential to enable the unbanked with tremendous banking powers. It’s a very powerful form of money for developing countries.

Bitcoin is a global currency. The Bitcoin backend technology is something similar to the internet. No country or organisation owns or controls it, which means no country should have a problem accepting Bitcoin as a form of currency. They do not have to depend on a rival currency like the USD. Since no one controls Bitcoin, no one can shut it down. Even if it’s banned, it cannot be shut down. Bitcoin is robust and truly global.

Any currency needs to be precious and rare. The Bitcoin software ensures that it makes Bitcoin rare. Only 21 million Bitcoins will be created by the Bitcoin network. Therefore the supply is fixed and as demand keeps increasing, the price of Bitcoin will go up. This means Bitcoin is resistant to inflation/hyperinflation like precious metals are. Bitcoin is a number and is infinitely divisible up to the eighth point.

Bitcoin supply

At initial stage, in 1st 10 minutes a block of Bitcoin was created, which had 50 Bitcoins.

Thereafter, in every 10 minutes another block of 50 Bitcoins were created and it continued later to create Bitcoin every 10 minutes

The program is made in a way that in every 4 years this Bitcoin creation will be dropped to 50%

25 BTC 12.5 BTC 6.25 BTC

Limitation & Demand

Bitcoin creation is restricted to 21 million (already 16 million Bitcoin are created till date)

Once this 21 Million is reached and if there is no new Bitcoin created, think of the scenario

One who holds Bitcoin will not sell and as it becomes scarce, then the sky is the limit for the price

Bitcoin Is

Independent :Neither Government nor any central bank has control

Digital :Neither Government nor any central bank has control

Guarantee :Monitored and maintained by Blockchain

Global currency with no limitation, Transparent transactions, Not restricted to any country, Instant & direct transactions

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