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Join Bitcoin2You & start earning today. We offer profitable crypto currency market investments.


Choose a plan that best suit your needs and get started in minutes! It is that easy!


We provide profit sharing for your holdings. So Register, Choose your best plan and start earning.


Bitcoin is an innovative payment system that is completely digital and offers clean transactions for its users without the hassle of middlemen. The system is decentralized and supports direct transactions between the users. It is one of the first forms of cryptocurrencies and has a very large market base all around the world. Bitcoins can also be used as exchange for many other products, services and currencies.

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Getting Started

It is very simple! You get into contract with Bitcoin2You using Bitcoins. The company uses this Bitcoins for exchange process and liquidity. The profit gained by the company is shared with you. The proceeds are credited to you directly (presently BTC)..

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Our Features

We have many reasons to come up with the promise of ‘You just mine, leave the complexities of rigs and all other hassles for us.’ Here are a few reasons why you must choose us:

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Our Affiliates Programe

Bitcoin2You offers reward plan which will make even the smallest investor to catch the highest yield of mining by referring investors.The leaders have the chance to get direct and indirect income from the referrals to any level.

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Our Goal

Our GOAL is to give accessibility to all users regardless of age, location, investment, technical noose or any experience. We keep competing with ourselves and improving our standards. We are looking to keep evolving with time as per the saying ‘only change is permanent’. Moving forward we want to make this revolutionary technology simple so it is accessible to all and to become the No.1 Bitcoin exchanger in the world.

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Our Affiliate program

As an investor friendly organization, we aim at offering the best benefits to our investors. Our affiliate program is one such mechanism which allows great benefits even to the smallest investments. Our referral program allows our investors to earn the highest benefits by referring the maximum number of investors.

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Our Vision

Our VISION is to contribute to the development of Bitcoin services worldwide and subsequently to the development, establishment and adoption of Bitcoin both as a currency and as an economic system. But at the same time we intend to achieve this by maintaining our core values of Honesty, Integrity, Customer Service, Simplicity, Commitment / Ownership, Teamwork, Speed and Reliability.

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Why Us?

Bitcoin2You is the first and only platform in the world to give profit sharing for holding Bitcoins with us. Bitcoin2You offers Significant infrastructure, high investment, skilled teams of professionals, reliable data centers with stable whether condition and uninterrupted power supply and much more.